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Humane Services

Animal Charity is the only humane society in Mahoning County. Our cruelty and rescue work includes two humane agents who received almost 1200 calls last year and rescued over 350 animals.

Veterinary Clinic

Our veterinary clinic provides full service, quality care for your pets at affordable prices. We want and encourage pet owners to provide the best care possible for their pets.

Animal Charity offers an array of services such as surgeries and check-ups, as well as wellness appointments. We staff two veterinarians and two veterinary technicians to assist you with all your needs. All visits require an appointment.*

Due to our already low prices, we accept only cash, debit or credit cards for payment in full on the day of service. Unfortunately, we do not take checks.

Click here for a current price list.

* As a reminder if an appointment is scheduled with a technician and there is a medical problem, the technician cannot prescribe medication. Please make sure your appointment is scheduled accordingly with a doctor.


Animal Charity offers a range of vaccinations to make sure your animal is protected against the most common diseases. While the rabies vaccination is the only one required by law, Animal Charity highly recommends routinely vaccinating your pet as well as heartworm testing your pets annually.


We provide routine spays and neuters for your pets at low cost prices to help us continue our mission to end pet overpopulation.

Other Surgeries

We also offer a variety of surgeries outside of spays and neuters, from hematoma and hernia repairs to mass removals and dentals. All these surgeries do require a doctors consult before the operation in order to allow us to better estimate the cost for you.


Animal Charity offers grooming services for any breed of cats or dogs, focusing on skin and coat care. Our groomer works very hard to provide the best care and advice for your pet’s grooming needs.

Flea & Heartworm Prevention

All year round, especially in Ohio, heartworm and fleas can be an issue for both dogs and cats. We provide quality products at reasonable prices such as Heartgard and Frontline to help protect your pet from these pests.

Additional Services

Animal Charity also provides some added services such as toe nail trims, anal gland expression, and microchipping. An office call still applies to these services as well.